Sunday, April 17, 2016


Yesterday at the 4:30 Mass, eight Missionaries were commissioned by our Pastor - Fr. Robert Grattaroti to "go forth and bring the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, on behalf of His Church to all the people". Each of the missionaries (Brenda, Jeannine, Kimberly, Melissa, Paulette, Susan, Tom, and Victoria) were presented with a 3 inch wooden cross and a picture identification badge that were blessed in front of the congregation followed by a formal blessing of each team member.

And so begins the journey to bring the love and mercy of God to our brothers and sisters reaching out to them beyond the four walls and safety of our church - meeting them where they are, rather than where we are.

We ask you to Pray for us, pray for our church, pray for our Pastor, and pray for those who are desperately in need of God's Mercy.

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