Sunday, July 10, 2016

"...if it does not have works"

Our Apostolate is in the early stages of its endeavor 
to respond in some small way to our Lord’s charge to “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15). To date, we have visited 1,502 homes and have received and responded to 524 Prayer Requests. During two particular visits we found families struggling immensely under the weight of severe economic pressure and in both cases we returned (unrequested and unexpected) with gift cards for food and other necessities in the amount of $100 per family. Subsequent to our return, we learned of individuals who hadn't eaten an actual meal in two days. There are others we are witness to and we will continue to do everything within our means to provide some level of relief.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"...and your joy may be complete"

There are many moments that make up a day, some are significant in their magnitude, others, remarkable merely because of their simplicity. While engaging our brothers and sisters today, one very simple moment struck me as being remarkable and at the same time magnificent - merely because of its simplicity. Walking up a driveway to make contact with a homeowner I could hear Team members Brenda and Victoria speaking with a homeowner on the other side of the street. Though I was unable to understand the verbal exchange they were engaged in, I was not at a loss to recognize a sudden explosive laughter erupting from one of the Team members (Brenda) that was simply and magnificently beautiful. As I continued up the driveway, I found myself smiling, while verbally thanking God for the ability to witness such love, comfort, and joy in bringing Him to those outside the four walls of the Church.

"'s not dogma, doctrine, or devotions"

Yesterday's journey was remarkable in terms of the disparity we witnessed among residents of what is considered to be a somewhat affluent middle-class community. It's certainly not the first time we have encountered such, nor will it be the last, but it provides a stark reminder of the economic challenges and hardships faced by many of our brothers and sisters, while simultaneously calling each of us to reflect upon the blessings we have. It also challenges each of us to go deeper in our engagement with, and outreach to, our neighbors. It reminds those of us whose choose to accept this "call" that we cannot sit within the safety and comfort of the four walls of the Church, merely praying for those who struggle, or supporting causes brought before us at Mass; clearly these are worthy endeavors, but, if we are to truly "take up our cross[es] and follow [Christ]" (Matthew 16:24) then we must walk with Him, and, for Him among our brothers and sisters, “Go[ing] into the whole world and proclaim[ing] the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Missionary reflects on a "...flicker of hope"

I am so blessed to be able to walk this amazing journey as a Missionary of Mercy to help bring our message of hope, faith, mercy, prayer and love to our neighbors. Each time we begin our walk and end our walk, we stand and pray outside in the open to show others that we are not ashamed of our Faith. We ask our Lord to direct our steps and give us the words we need to bring Jesus to them, hopefully touching their hearts. We meet every person where they are at and let them know we are here for them, and we will pray with them and for them.

Every encounter is unique. Sometimes we meet someone who feels that their prayers fall on deaf ears. But they still ask us to pray for them and we always do. Sometimes during our conversation, we will see a little flicker of hope in their eyes.  I truly believe that little flicker of hope, will lead to the lighting of the candle of faith and eventually will lead them back home to God.